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Located in Western Romania, at the boundary between the Pădurea Craiului and the Vlădeasa Mountains, in the well known Remeţi area, in the Apuseni Mountains, the Carpathia Pension invites you to a refined and elegant venue. Defined by the Transylvanian calm, hospitality, and seriousness, in a friendly and relaxing ambiance, the Carpathia Pension, through its services and facilities, strives to meet your expectations, by offering you the comfort and joy you need, to make your weekend or vacation in Transylvania unforgettable.

Located near the river, in between the Leşu Ursului and Drăgan Dam, the Carpathia Pension is the ideal place for a vacation in the mountains, in all four seasons, but also the perfect destination for getaways with your friends or family, by providing you with area-specific services. Also, various Training, Team Building, Team Adventure, Team Events, Team Development sessions and other similar activities can be organized within the pension.Carpahia Pension - Apuseni Mountains - Romania

The Carpathia Pension is one of the largest accommodation venues in Remeţi – Bihor, offering up to 54 beds. The spacious rooms, furnished and decorated in a modern style, enable you to spend long vacations deep into the mountains, without compromising the comfort you are used to (cable internet and WI-FI, cable TV, LCD TV’s, hydro massage showers, sauna, pool, restaurant, playground for children etc.). Good quality finishing, warm colors and latest-generation facilities create a welcoming atmosphere, which ensures the ideal setting for perfect vacations in the mountains. The architecture has specific local elements, which allows the pension to blend in very well with the Transylvanian landscape.

The living and well-preserved nature, the fresh mountain air, which is ionized, ozone-laden and has healing properties, the hospitality and high quality hotel services are only a few of the assets recommending us as a destination for people who love comfort in the middle of nature. Here, you’ll discover the Apuseni Mountains, hidden under deciduous and coniferous forests, crossed by valleys with cold, clear water, that flow into lakes governed by trout and huck, confirming the water’s cleanliness and purity; here, you’ll discover Transylvania, laden with history and monumental buildings in the Baroque and Late Baroque styles, influenced by Austro-Hungarian and Western cultures; within Transylvania, you’ll also discover the Moţi Country, where some of the most stout Romanians live, the so-called Moţi, who are believed to be direct descendants of the Dacians, that have lived on these lands for over two thousand years.

And because we known how valuable your time is, we are inviting you to pay us a visit to take full advantage of all the facilities we offer: a restaurant with a patio, a gazebo, a pool, a sauna, an entertainment room, a conference room, a playground for children, an area designed for grilling and cauldron cooking, a beach on the riverbank, a video camera supervised parking lot and also a friendly smile always greeting you.

Nearby, there are several tourist attractions such as:the Canvas Painting Church in Remeţi, the Octavian Goga Memorial Museum, the Wooden Church in Gălpâia, the Castle in Gheghie, the Hermitage in Leşu, the Iadului Valley, the Fair in Negreni, Vama Sării, the Leşu Dam, the Dam in Bulz, the Drăgan Dam, the Brătcuţei Canyons, the Iadolina Waterfall, the Wonder Spring Waterfall, the Săritoarea Ieduţului Waterfall, the Vălul Miresei Waterfall, Stâna de Vale, The Water Cave in Bulz, the Remeţi Cave, the Apuseni Natural Park.

You can reach the pension, from Bucea, Cluj County, on the European road E60 (DN1), which connects the following counties: Cluj, Bihor and Sălaj. The venue is situated less than 100 km away from the following cities: Cluj-Napoca, Oradea and Zalău.